Happy birthday Mean Gene. We miss ya buddy. If you never met Gene you really missed out. He’d come in right at open and tell us that he’d been waiting for us to show up. He’d order his drink and begrudgingly hand over the couple of dollars. He’d tell us that drink prices were “bullsh*t” and tell us to play some music for him to make up for it. By music he meant Midnight Train To Georgia. He’d cheer up instantly and look around for anyone who wanted to dance. Then he’d give fist bumps to everyone on the way back to his chair at the bar and give us a lecture on how the bar was to hot or to cold depending on the day (always at the same temp). He always challenged us to be better and we loved him for it. Even after he stopped coming in, we still visited him and kept up with him. A fine legacy for our friend Gene - aka Mean Gene - aka Mean Gene the Dancing Machine - that even after he left us for that bigger bar in the sky that we still remember him on his birthday. Seems about right that we’d have an extra special for him tonight. $4 Redemption Rye. No “bullsh*t”. Just good memories. Cheers buddy. @otrcomo